Sent: Jan 5th, 2011
Marilyn and I would like to thank you for your time, effort, team work and attention to detail that made the sale of our home possible.
Thank you,
–John Schwartz

Sent: Aug 3rd, 2010
You are the most , patient and hard working woman I have ever met. I wish I had half the patience you had. Seriously, I don’t think I was as balanced as you seem to be…
–Amanda R. Harper
–AR Balanced Bookkeeping

Sent: May 20th, 2010
Thanks again for all your work and support during this whole process. We will be sure to refer your services to family and friends. One of our neighbors from Rosecreek said he would be selling early next year, he got down your contact information so when he is ready to sell he will give you a call.
–Jenna Ortiz

Sent April 14th 2010
You and your team have been so wonderful through this difficult and emotional process, we can’t Thank You All enough.
We wanted to sell fast, at asking price, and avoid open houses. We got more than we asked for. Sold in one week, multiple offers, over asking price, and only one open house!
We are so grateful that soon we will move over to my parents house and cherish all the memories they left in their home. I’m sure my dad can’t wait for me to get there so I can take care of the garden he loved so much.
–Jenna Ortiz

Sent: July 29th, 2008
Thank you Lisa! I will look over the file one last time to verify all is needed! Thank you so much for your quick response in getting this file completed.
-Staphane Claus
Admin for APR Morgan Hill

Sent: July 17th, 2008
I Thanks so much Lisa. It was nice working with you. You are very organized.
-Staci Bell
Coordinator for Coldwell Banker Greg Warrick

Sent: June 6th, 2008
I just wanted to stop and take a few minutes from my frantic rush to get my apartment packed up
and deal with all the details of this home purchase to tell you how much I appreciate all of your
-Pamela Nudelman
California Golden Realty and Panacea Home Staging
408.354.8900, panacea7@aol.com

Sent: May 13th, 2008
I have worked with Lisa for several years. She is a concientious real estate transaction coordinator. She does not miss any detail, she’s always there when I need her and she fully understands the real estate transaction. And she’s a great person too!
-Kim Hererra, Owner
Insight Home Inspections (formerly Gillespie Inspections)
408-464-3632, kim@gillespiehomeinspection.com

Sent: April 3rd, 2008
Thanks, Lisa, for taking such good care of me.
-Alex Kennett
Intero Real Estate Services
408- 221-1369, alex@garlic.com

Sent: March 20th, 2008
Lisa is thoroughly committed to helping the real estate professional through their transaction form start to finish. She is dedicated to her work and is a creative and talented person. Oh, and she’s a nice person too!
-Ted Stephanos
Homeguard (formerly BlueNHD)
408-993-1900, tstephanos@homeguard.com

Sent: March 19th, 2008
Lisa is a pleasure to work with. She is dedicated,professional, and gets the job completed. I look forward to working with her again.
-Rick Pepitone, Owner
Home Inspection Services Corp.
408-966-1634, HISCorp@aol.com

Sent: March 19th, 2008
Lisa is service oriented and pays good attention to details.
-Lisa Manuele
Intero Real Estate Services
408-201-0176, LManuele@InteroRealEstate.com

Sent: April 3rd, 2008
Lisa has been a great asset to my real estate team as a transaction coordinator. She’s pays great attention to detail & helps behind the scenes during escrow. Thanks to Lisa, I am able to spend more direct time with clients.
-Cheryl Bower
Cashin Company
415-999-3450, cbower@cashin.com

Sent: ?
Thank you for being on top of things!
-Guy Eichberg
California Realty Associates

Sent: August 6th, 2007
Thank you Lisa! I picked up the package on my way back from golf tonight. I am so impressed already and glad we have you on board! Thanks for everything today.
-Sandy Wells, Agent
Sorrento Properties, Inc.
408-768-5865, sandra@sorrentoprop.com

Sent: March 3rd, 2006
Thank you so very much for preparing us for our Listing Presentation on Wednesday. You sent us everything in no time and we appreciate it! Your responsiveness was awesome. We did a great job during our listing presentation and we included your business card in our packet to let them know that you are a part of our escrow team. They were pleased =). We should hear back on their decision next week.
-Dan & Koren Howell, Broker / Agent
Aspire Realty, LLC
408-281-2700, info@aspirerealty.com

Sent: September 18, 2006 1:54 PM
You are so awesome!! Thank you so much for these picts!!! They will go on our website. You rock
for coming out to support us and to play softball!!! It was great having you Lisa!
-Dan & Koren Howell, Broker / Agent
Aspire Realty, LLC
408-281-2700, info@aspirerealty.com

Sent: July 26th, 2007
… you are really too sweet. I will always refer you to all my clients. We just mesh really well and I feel when you find someone you work with so great, you do all you can to make sure your deals are with them if possible!!
-Amber Shepherd, Escrow Officer
Alliance Title
408-558-7800, ashepherd@atc-ca.com

Sent: September 25th, 2006
I’ll keep sending them (referrals) your way!!
-Dallana Perdomo, Agent / Loan Officer
NorthStar Mortgage & Realty
408-307-5181, dyperdomo@yahoo.com

Sent: September 22, 2006
BTW, I’ve received the CD’s for the file for Sanchez St. Looks great!! Thanks for ensuring a
smooth transaction!
-Cheryl A. Bower, Realtor
Cashin Company Realtors
415-999-3450, cherylbower@rcn.com

Sent: July 24th, 2006
Thanks Lisa. It’s good to be dealing with you again.
-Chris Runhaar, Seller

Sent: May 10th, 2006
Thank you, you’re on top of it! That’s all I need to close out the file.
-Thai Nguyen, Broker
Crystal Estates
408-497-2338, thai@crystalestates.net

Sent: April 13, 2006
As soon as I have the form signed, I’ll fax it over to you. Thanks for such a smooth transaction!
It’s been a pleasure.
-Danielle Fargher-Shaw
Realcom Associates Realtors
408-244-7785, dfargher@msn.com

Sent: March 23rd, 2006
Done. Thanks for your quick service.
-Michael Sosa Lucio, Realtor / Loan Agent
Silicon Valley Capital Funding
408-558-6604, michael@svcfunding.com

Sent: January 19th, 2006
Thanks for all the hard work, Lisa, and congrats! Another closed deal.
-Mike Segal, Broker
Mike Segal Properties
408-379-9039, mike@mikesegalproperties.com

Sent: October 28, 2005 11:47 AM
Thanks for the payoff info. You are so on top of it!!!
-Kerry Fisher, Escrow Officer
Financial Title

Sent: October 21st, 2005
Just a brief note to say thank you for all of your help with Weyburn Lane.
-Roberta Van Den Kieboom, Realtor
Prudential California Realty
650-740-7961, kieboom@msn.com

Sent: August 3rd, 2005
Damon said he was going to remove the financing today… Thank you for being on top of it!!

Sent: May 23rd, 2005
Thank you Lisa!! You are a life saver.
Sent: December 2, 2005
Great!! Thank you Lisa! I just recommended you guys to a title company rep. Hope you get lots of
-Dinneh Mokhtari, Realtor
ABH Realty
408202-7985, dinnehm@yahoo.com

Sent: July 12th ,2005
…(It’s) nice working with someone who is thorough as me.
-Laure Serafini, Coordinator
Alain Pinel Realtors

Sent: June 3rd, 2005
Has anyone told you lately that you are AMAZING! Thank you.
-Susan Pignataro, President/Broker
First Class Properties
408-679-7000, susanp@FirstClassProp.com

Sent: April 19th, 2005
Lisa did a good job for you–Thanks Lisa! Congratulate your buyer on my behalf. It was nice working with both of you.
-Tariq Rafeeqi, Broker
Realty World-XC’lent Real Estate
650-321-8699, tariq@realestatejoy.com

Sent: March 22, 2005
By the way you are doing a great job. Thanks.
-George Montanari, Realtor, Top Producer
Alain Pinel Realtors
408-357-8808, gmontana@apr.com

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