Dave Cortese Talks About Changes in the Silver Creek / Evergreen Community

Dave Cortese with The County of Santa Clara spoke at the weekly Evergreen/East Valley Marketing Meeting at MegaBytes Pizza today. 

Did you know that Dave voted to keep Prop 13 in Santa Clara County when the tax accessor wanted the County to vote against it?  Under Prop 13 tax reform, property tax values were rolled back and frozen at the 1976 assessed value level and prohibited reassessment of a new base year value except for a change in ownership. (http://www.californiataxdata.com/pdf/Prop13.pdf

If Prop 13 was denied in Santa Clara County, the many now seniors or their family members could not transfer their Prop 13 status to a home they want to purchase in Santa Clara County–this would have potentially decreased interest and/or the sale of property in this County.  Way to go Dave for fighting to keep it!

A few other items covered:  The County is in communication with Ponderosa Builders in hopes that they will continue to build more homes in the community.  Also, there is a potential building development on the Reid Hillview lot (across from Beshoff Motor Cars).  In addition, there is talk of turning Capitol Expressway into a Boulevard to make it more pedestrian friendly.

More to follow!  April 16th is the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Tully/101 road improvements–reducing back-up of traffic on that exit! 

Special thanks to Dave Cortese, and special thanks to those that organize, promote, and come to the Evergreen East Valley Marketing Meeting!


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